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Lifts for disabled people are an excellent solution when there is a need to travel between different levels but at the same time there are budget and building limitations. They are mostly installed in buildings adjusted for wheelchair users, as well as new-built ones. Wheelchair lifts are a great alternative for passenger platform lifts where there is a need for unlimited mobility for seniors and people being unable to travel up and down the stairs.

Wheelchair lifts

We always recommend to our customers the equipment with the lowest failure rate. Our priority is the users’ safety. However, minor breakdowns may happen even in best models. Thanks to us having our own warehouse with a variety of parts and an efficient servicing team we are able to deal with most breakdowns in one day only, regardless of lift's brand and type.

Many lifts models we install have the advanced technological solutions which automatically inform us about breakdowns. It happens that our engineer is already on his way even before you have the chance to notice the problem. What is more, the preventive maintenance allows to optimise security and comfort of usage as well as smoothness of work. Currently we offer 24/7 help via Customers Servicing Centre ATLAS.

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Step Lifts

If you or your loved one is a wheelchair user and there are only few steps which makes the life difficult, we recommend installing a step lift. Step lifts (or vertical low rise lifting platform) are open platforms with a limited rise (usually around 1 metre) which allow people with physical difficulties to travel few steps up and down. They may be installed on stairs or next to them to allow lifting up the wheelchair user. There is usually no need for structural alterations.

Through Floor Lifts

Through floor lift travels through the aperture in the ceiling/floor in order to get to the upper/lower floor. When you are downstairs, the lift can be moved quietly and discreetly back upstairs, leaving the whole space free from obstruction. It has therefore minimal impact on the home living area which makes it ideal for domestic use, even in homes with not huge amount of space. It is also quite easy to reinstall in another property if you move home.

The huge advantage of through floor lift is space saving and in the same time having very modern and highly customisable look. What is more, through floor lifts need less structural alterations than lifts or platforms which makes them more affordable. In the same time they are more convenient than stairlifts as there is no need for the wheelchair user to be moved from the wheelchair into the chair.

It is recommended that the size of the lift should be around 1m wide x 1.5m long however there are also more space saving options available. The cost of the lift depends highly on specific features and customisation. The installation is quite quickly, taking usually around 2 days, as there is no need for a pit.

passenger lifts
passenger lifts

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We will assign the individual counsellor to your case. He or she will always find time for you, at every stage of consultations and realisation: starting with planning and design, through measurements, choice of the equipment and up to the installation, demonstration and launching.

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Platform Lifts

This kind of lift may be put in the middle between space saving of a through floor lift and the longevity of a traditional lift. Platform lift does include a shaft but it differs from the standard lift as only the platform and not the whole cabin travels up and down. Its main advantage when compared with the passenger lift is that it requires less structural changes and there are usually no contraindications to get it installed in almost every home as only a pit of around 7.5cm is required.

If you are positive you prefer the lift with a shaft, platform lift is recommended for homes with more limited space. It is also good solution for lower number of passengers (the maximum capacity is usually around 400 kg) and shorter distances, therefore may be good choice for private property. It is also cheaper than proper passenger lifts but more expensive than through floor lift.

Atlas Lifts&Services Ltd

We offer servicing, repairs and thorough examinations to ensure the equipment is legally compliant. We have a highly skilled, qualified and experienced team of engineers who deliver these quality services in our fully equipped workshop facilities.

How much does it cost?

Every day we work hard to make sure your daily routine is getting easier and more comfortable. Thanks to the equipment for people with limited mobility, we overcome barriers and difficulties. Arrange the free presentation or visit our showroom.

All systems and equipment installed by us are safe, endurable, functional and convenient to use. After the assembly we always provide a training on how to use the equipment.

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passenger lifts


The company’s main premises and its main warehouse is located in Aberdeen (UK, Scotland). It’s 60 miles from Dundee, 127 miles from Edinburgh and 145 miles from Glasgow. Atlas Emergency Crew is a team working 24/7. We always recommend to our customers the equipment with the lowest failure rate. Our priority is users’ safety. However, minor breakdowns may happen even in best models. Thanks to us having our own warehouse with various parts and an efficient servicing team we are able to deal with most breakdowns in one day only, regardless of lift's brand and type.

We visit our client’s premises on a regular basis to carry out review, maintenance, or service of the equipment. You, your employees, and family can relax as our company, engineers and equipment has all required security certificates. We work on authorial software and use automated technology which allows us to notice the equipment breakdown even before yourself. It happens that our customers find out that there is something wrong with their lift from the servicing engineer coming to their home or office.

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Why choose us?

We have been trading since 2002. During these years we became one of Scotland’s leading installers of commercial, industrial and domestic lifts, stairlifts and hoists working across the north east, Orkney and the Shetland Isles, as well as offshore. Our services include:

  • Lifting needs consultancy
  • Preparing the site and installation of equipment
  • Servicing and thorough examination
  • Repairs
  • Removals

An effort we put into continuous improvement is paid back in growing number of satisfied customers and service contracts. For many years we have maintained contracts with local authorities in our region and beyond it. We also enjoy good reputation among private customers which has been monitored through feedback forms. We officially cooperate with biggest European lift manufacturers who recommend us for installations of their products.

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