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Comfortable life with no barriers

Everyday we install equipment in our customers’ houses and flats. The equipment’s purpose is to remove barriers, increase the comfort of daily tasks and ensuring safety.

Hoists have been designed especially for seniors, people with limited mobility, people with augmented weight and patients. Using a hoist is easy for the carer and at the same time safe and comfortable for the user.

It may happen that some activities are getting more tiring or may have the adverse effect on our health – especially when our mobility capabilities are not the same as when we were 25. Hoists we recommend facilitate lifting, moving, and lowering.

Transportage / portable hoists

They allow lifting and moving people with limited mobility. In our catalogues we have specialised hoists and slings which can be used independently as well as the ones supporting carers tasks. Our solutions make life easier, protect carers spines and remove barriers.

They may be used in daily tasks such as getting out of the bed, strolling, using the toilet, or getting into the car. They are autonomous which means they do not require a constant connect to the power as they have their own battery. Using special hydraulic-mechanical solutions allows to lift the person weighing up to 250kg with no effort.

passenger lifts

Advantages of hoists:

  • easy to fold and transport with no tools needed
  • easy to keep clean and hygienic (slings may be replaced)
  • easy to use
  • effortless lifting a person even from the ground level
  • manual usage through big buttons
  • mechanical apportionment of the load for two feet of the base
  • guarantee of a stability
  • low feet allow to bring the hoist even into very narrow spaces under the bed
  • 100% safety – hoists have an emergency lowering and lifting of the arm and emergency button
  • as they are battery-powered there is no need for a constant power connection
  • visual and audio warning of battery getting low
  • battery is possible to be replaced
  • there are models with a verticalization option
  • an option to create a modular residential system allowing to move through the flat or house room-to-room
  • models with gait re-education function
passenger lifts
passenger lifts

Phone us and book a free-of-charge presentation

When you phone us, you will be advised by an individual counsellor who help you to choose the right piece of equipment. Our equipment has a variety configuration and customisation functions. We will present you the equipment on the appointment in the specific place. Equipment may be tested and checked, and you have the chance to ask qualified specialists questions.

During the appointment we find out the client’s needs, get necessary information and make measurements allowing to prepare a quotation and visualisation of the system.

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Servicing / Warranty

We take all our customers under our technical custody. Replacement parts and accessories are available in our warehouses. We have the special team dealing with emergencies.

passenger lifts
passenger lifts


The company’s main premises and its main warehouse is located in Aberdeen (UK, Scotland). It’s 60 miles from Dundee, 127 miles from Edinburgh and 145 miles from Glasgow. Atlas Emergency Crew is a team working 24/7. We always recommend to our customers the equipment with the lowest failure rate. Our priority is users’ safety. However, minor breakdowns may happen even in best models. Thanks to us having our own warehouse with various parts and an efficient servicing team we are able to deal with most breakdowns in one day only, regardless of lift's brand and type.

We visit our client’s premises on a regular basis to carry out review, maintenance, or service of the equipment. You, your employees, and family can relax as our company, engineers and equipment has all required security certificates. We work on authorial software and use automated technology which allows us to notice the equipment breakdown even before yourself. It happens that our customers find out that there is something wrong with their lift from the servicing engineer coming to their home or office.

passenger lifts
passenger lifts

Bath lifters – 1-person version

It makes life easier!

Is getting into the bath a challenge? You can forget all your problems. Our engineers and advisors will offer solutions helping to remove all bathroom and toilet-room barriers. From now on, starting and ending a bath may be as easy as lying on the couch.

Bath lifters are solutions for people who have trouble using their bath. Apart from lifters we offer comprehensive solutions such as baths with doors (in a sitting or lying position). Phone or write to us. We will have a look at your bathroom and find the best solutions.

We provide help and advice in terms of obtaining grants for our equipment. All our devices have specialistic attests and they meet all norms required. We provide maintenance and servicing on a regular basis.

passenger lifts

Bath lifters – 2-people version (the carer and the user)

They are clever pieces of equipment which facilitates bathing of the carer and the care receiver. They were designed specially to ensure comfort and safety of daily hygiene. Equipment from our catalogues do not require any additional hydraulic or electrical installations. Lifters have totally autonomous hydraulic, electrical, and safety-related systems. They are adequately prepared to work in challenging bathroom conditions.

The lifter is an easy and nice way to rise and lower the user. Phone or write to us – the individual advisor will match the lifter with any bath type.

passenger lifts
passenger lifts

Shower chair

For people who prefer to shower, we offer specialistic chairs, tables and bath accessories which increase the comfort and safety for people with limited mobility.

passenger lifts

Self IT department

In our daily tasks we use the authorial software, created, and constantly improved by Atlas internal IT department. Every day we use the latest hi-tech solutions in order to make sure the services and products we offer provide the best possible experience.

Our competitors buy ready software, applications, and equipment. Atlas Lifts and Services values quality with no compromises. That is why we decided to launch our own IT department. Software we create for our own and, of course, our customers’ needs, uses, among others, artificial intelligence, machine learning, Big Data, automation, automated technology and robotics. There is a specialist in User Experience, Service Design in our IT team who makes applications and programs intuitive, user-friendly and useful.

passenger lifts
passenger lifts

Comfort and usability

It was a long time ago when we said goodbye to huge warehouses full of documents, folders and equipment bought in the eighties. Our target is modernity, as well as convenient, useful, intuitive solutions. We prepared fully digital servicing processes, technical condition control systems and auditing processes. We have models which automatically inform Atlas Servicing Centre about abnormal operation of any lift component. We value feedback from our customers and keep updating our software in order to suit our needs.

We accomplished 96% of our projects in accordance with the prearranged schedule and budget. We installed thousands of lifts in buildings where there have never been any. Our team takes challenges – we keep cooperating with the drilling industry as well as the oil and gas industry providing solutions relating to lifting goods and people. Our offer is comprehensive – we operate in three segments: for businesses and industry, for private people and companies as well as people with limited mobility and seniors.

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