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Bariatric beds

People with limited mobility or excessive body mass need an optimal space, an exceptional protection, ergonomics, and comfort. Bariatric beds are a comfy and practical solution making life easier for both users and carers. We offer models designed for:

  • long-term care
  • short-term care

Depending on the model you choose, you can:

  • set up and modify the high – manually or electrically using the remote
  • set up and modify the angle – manually or electrically using the remote
  • dismantle the top and bottom peak during nursing time
  • choose accessories which making lifting easier
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Codziennie pomagamy, aby codzienność stała się prostsza i bardziej komfortowa. Likwidujemy bariery i utrudnienia za pomocą urządzeń przeznaczone dla osób z ograniczoną sprawnością ruchową. Umów się na darmową prezentację lub odwiedź nasz salon pokazowy. Wszystkie systemy i urządzenia montowane przez naszych specjalistów są bezpieczne, trwałe, funkcjonalne i wygodne w użytkowaniu. Po montażu zawsze wykonywane jest szkolenie z zakresu użytkowania i eksploatacji sprzętu.

Comfortable life with no barriers

When we supply and install we look to carry out a genuinely detailed consultation and survey. From detailed on site assessments considering everything down to floor levelling, product adaptability and including DDA, H&S regulations we can also provide the disabled with free access to the best equipped lifting assessment centre in Scotland; our own!

The wide range of accessories makes the bed a nice piece of furniture, going well with your house or flat’s style. Bariatric beds support the respiratory system and the circulation, as well as keep the spine in the right position. We install models designed in a way to meet most demanding bariatric patients’ needs.

Advanced electrical functions, such as regulation of the backrest with elliptical autoregression functionality, electrical Trendelenburg and anti-Trendelenburg functionality as well as a wide range of electrical height regulation with a possibility for an original position memorisation, allow to prevent unpleasant events and add the convenience to positioning and safety to patient moving.

Working with a bed ensures a safe working environment for medical staff, facilitates implementation of effective therapies, and supports best quality and most effective care.

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Preventing bedsores and abdominal cavity oppression

Electrical regulation of the backrest with elliptical autoregression allows the backrest angle to be adjusted from 0o to 70o with a movement in the range of around 23 cm. It ensures that the natural spine curvature during positioning is preserved, minimizes the friction effects and prevents abdominal cavity oppression.

There are models in our warehouses which allow us to load up to 318 kg. A variety of electrical adjustments possibilities may be chosen. The Trendelenburg position (legs over the head) has a wide range of applications. Valsalvy maneuver on the other hand, allows to reinstate the right pulmonary pressure. Anti-Trendelenburg position allows part-verticalization once the backrest is raised.

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Types of configuration

Most beds offered by us are equipped with waterproof remotes allowing us to keep the cleanliness and hygiene. It is moisture and grease resistant. Beds and remotes are designed in a way to ensure an easy access to all their surfaces and facilitate quick cleaning and disinfection. Everyday disinfection of often touched surfaces allows to minimize the risk of infections being spread out.

The distance between side rails is in accordance with ISO standards. The distance between the top and bottom rail is fixed which means it protects even people with a slight stature from blocking their limbs.

Beds we install in client’s bedrooms meet the ISO standards and are provided with a warranty. They are safe, well-designed, reliable, comfortable, and well-thought in terms of hygiene and health.


Our lift engineers are fully qualified and taught by the most senior members of our team who have been in the industry for over 10 years. All engineers are given professional trainings and refreshers at least on a yearly basis (?), carried out by equipment manufacturers, who are most familiar with their own products and therefore can, in our opinion, provide the most professional advice. We support ambition, development and professional attitude as we believe those qualities allow us to provide best possible services to our customers.

Atlas Lifts goes with the times and uses the most recent technological developments in the field of IT. Maximus, the system which contains data base of our customers and equipment, has been created especially for Atlas’ needs and is constantly improved to serve both our admin team, as well as our clients who may be provided with clear and factual information. On the other hand, as a relatively small company, we do not base everything on a system only and can approach each customer individually.

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The company’s main premises and its main warehouse is located in Aberdeen (UK, Scotland). It’s 60 miles from Dundee, 127 miles from Edinburgh and 145 miles from Glasgow. Atlas Emergency Crew is a team working 24/7. We always recommend to our customers the equipment with the lowest failure rate. Our priority is users’ safety. However, minor breakdowns may happen even in best models. Thanks to us having our own warehouse with various parts and an efficient servicing team we are able to deal with most breakdowns in one day only, regardless of lift's brand and type.

We visit our client’s premises on a regular basis to carry out review, maintenance, or service of the equipment. You, your employees, and family can relax as our company, engineers and equipment has all required security certificates. We work on authorial software and use automated technology which allows us to notice the equipment breakdown even before yourself. It happens that our customers find out that there is something wrong with their lift from the servicing engineer coming to their home or office.

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When the bed does not work as it should

Atlas Service Crew is at our customer’s disposal. Every bed installed by us is a subject of periodic maintenance and servicing. In case of a breakdown we can come and fix the bed in the shortest time possible.

In our warehouse we have 95% of parts which may be fitted to beds straight away. That is why the reaction time for the breakdown, replacing parts and going back to the proper functionality is minimal.

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Phone or write to us

We will assign the individual counsellor to your case. He or she will always find time for you, at every stage of consultations and realisation: starting with planning and design, through measurements, choice of the equipment and up to the installation, demonstration and launching.

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Why choose us?

Atlas Lifts and Services is based in Aberdeen, in North East Scotland. We have been trading since 2002. During these years we became one of Scotland’s leading installers of commercial, industrial and domestic lifts, stairlifts and hoists working across the north east, Orkney and the Shetland Isles, as well as offshore. Our services include:

  • Lifting needs consultancy
  • Preparing the site and installation of equipment
  • Servicing and thorough examination
  • Repairs
  • Removals

An effort we put into continuous improvement is paid back in growing number of satisfied customers and service contracts. For many years we have maintained contracts with local authorities in our region and beyond it. We also enjoy good reputation among private customers which has been monitored through feedback forms. We officially cooperate with biggest European lift manufacturers who recommend us for installations of their products.

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