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Otolift Air – 14 reasons to buy it

Do you consider buying a stairlift?

Find out 14 benefits of purchasing an Otolift Air model.


Your beloved home is the place you know the best, where you have your friends and family close to you. You have your own routine, hobby, favourite shops. It is good to come back to the place you feel good. Unfortunately, sometimes solutions used in our homes may become a barrier to go as normal, especially when our mobility is limited.

Now you are finally not forced to look for a new house or flat. You can enjoy living in a place where you used to live. Solutions such as Otolift Air stairlift allow you to move between floors with no effort. To be self-dependent and happy in your own home.

An elegant element in your home

Otolift Air will quickly become an element of your daily reality. The equipment has a modern look, and it will blend perfectly into your space. Your home may still be elegant. The only one track seems delicate, but it is indeed flexible and endurable. Otolift is the only manufacturer in the world to provide the thinnest track.

The system provides an ideal combination of elegance and technology. Due to its exclusive elegance, it ensures an optimal level of comfort but also important safety features.

No returns and warranty claims in 2019

None of our clients who had Otolift Air installed claimed return or warranty. It is the best evidence how reliable Otolift stairlifts are. However, lack of claims drags the attention to one more thing – the fair sale concept. The idea is very easy, and it presumes that clients’ satisfaction may be obtained by, among others, honest advice.

If we notice that the equipment you have chosen is not suitable for your house, we advise you against purchasing it. Or we will suggest the alternative solution, appropriate for your needs, which will indeed make your life easier. Reliable sale approach, solid assembly, and high quality of stairlifts – it all contributes towards low number of warranty callouts. Sometimes there are none of them – as in 2019.

Space saving on the staircase

Are you a good host, with many people visiting you? Do you live in the same house with people who use the stairs in a standard way? You do not have to worry that stairlift installation will limit the stairs accessibility. Otolift Air is a perfect solution for steep, narrow stairs.

It is quite likely that the rail will remain in place therefore your guests, family and friends will be able to use the stairs safely and freely. The thin track has a minimal impact on the staircase. Steep, narrow or curved stairs may be a challenge for equipment such as Otolift Air but our installers know the solutions which allow to adjust the track in such a way that it discreetly follow the curvature and suits even most difficult stairs.

Minimum effort

The stairlift has an automatically folded footstool so there is no need to bend if you would like to fold it. If you wish, we can also install an automatic swivel armchair which makes the traveling smoother and getting in and out even more safe. Would you like to get upstairs backwards? Do you feel safer this way? Our specialists will make your wish come true.

Best stairlift in UK

Otolift company keep developing their products. We spent a lot of time making various tests and experiments in order to suggest modern, safe and comfortable solutions to our customers like yourself. What is more, the price is optimum. Otolift Air has a thinnest sole track in the world which makes the stairlift small and discreet.

Seven days a week

That is how often you can use your stairlift – no matter the weather or season! If you are an active person, you can use it even 10-20 times per day. Between traveling up and down the batteries, which power the stairlift, charge, allowing safe and comfortable moving up and down. Due to the way the stairlift is powered, you can use it freely but try to avoid moving it continuously several times in a row.

Five days to install

The availability of stairlifts in the warehouse makes it possible for us to make an assembly in only five days from the first time you contacted us. Would you like to start using Otolift stairlift as quick as possible? Email us photos of your stairs.

Based on them and on our experience, we will make a quotation for the chosen piece of equipment and discuss via telephone technical and finance matters, usage, and assembly. In next few days we will come to your home to install the best stairlift for your home.

Three years warranty

We give a 3-years warranty for every installed stairlift. We offer it to all our individual customers so they can keep their mind peaceful after assembly of a really decent stairlift. The only condition is regular servicing and using the stairlift as per the instruction. Three years warranty and 0 claims in 2019. That is something to boast about, isn’t it?

Many assembly options

Otolift stairlifts may be installed inside or outside of the building, on the left or right side of the stairs. If you are interested in outdoor assembly, we will provide you with a practical cover which protect the equipment from the dampness.

Traveling outside is possible due to use of special sprocket and protective cover, as well as increasing the equipment robustness. These improvements allow you to use the stairlift for example on the stairs leading to the shop, surgery, or to the garden.

Stairlifts are assembled on the left or right side of the stairs (looking from the bottom). Even if the standard is to attach the track to the steps, we are able to attach it to the wall instead in some cases. In the inside version we can put on the track together with the hinge which makes using the stairlift comfortable even if there is a door or a corridor downstairs.

Atlas Crew

Atlas Lifts & Services Ltd is not a very big company but we are proud of it. It allows us to be closer to our clients and react for their needs more quickly. We are dispositional at all times – we always reply for emails and pick up phones, even during the weekends.

Not high number of employees allows us to keep the company costs at the optimum level. Thanks to that we can offer you high quality equipment in good prices.

6-metres track

It is a maximum length of the track for Otolift Air. In standard version the stairlift is equipped with 5-metres track but we can make it longer or cut it off to adjust the size for your stairs. It happens very rarely that the stairs length exceeds 6 metres but even then, we are able to help.

If stairs are not too steep and the customer’s weight is less than 100 kg, we can assembly the stairlift even on the 8-metres track.


You can choose the upholstering and varnish colour. New Otolift Air has the nice look and there are many options to choose from which allow to customise the stairlift. You may choose the armchair in your favourite colour in order to correspond with your home interior design.

3-8 hours assembly

The stairlift assembly will be made accurately, neatly and quickly by experienced engineers. Up to 8 hours – this is the time which separate you from starting to use your dreamed-of stairlift. Or even less! If your stairs are not too long or made from wood, then the assembly will take around 3-4 hours.

After the installation you will be given the clear, detailed explanation – the engineer will not leave before he will answer all your questions and make sure you know exactly how to use your stairlift!

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