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Interview with the director and the owner of Atlas Lifts & Services

What kind of products does your company offer?

If I am supposed to response in one sentence only, I would say we offer products and technologies which allow to care for people. I mean both healthy, fully capable people, seeking for comfy solutions such as lifts at homes, flats or commercial buildings, and people with limited mobility.

Does it mean you offer products for houses, flats, and offices?

Yes – for all three. We also have a wide range of offers for industries. We take challenges, such as for example tens of specialistic lifters being installed by us on oil rigs, or contracts with partners from Africa or Russia.

What is your vision of the company development?

We keep investing to make sure our solutions are even safer, as well as tailored to the specific customer. We have our own IT team which provides us with solutions customised for the specific needs. We make use of latest trends in technology – artificial intelligence, machine learning, automated technology, robotics – but on the other hand we remember there are plenty of seniors among our customers who prefer familiar solutions and more often than never they are concerned once dealing with new technologies.

We have our own warehouses, so Atlas Service Crew has a comfort of being able to act quickly. If any part of the equipment does not work properly, we can action it very quickly. That is why investing in our own supply base is so important to us. For products or services directed to seniors or people with limited mobility, we cooperate closely with medical team. Just like with doctors, our first principal is safety and well-being of our customers. Next step is comfort, modern technologies, and neat design.

passenger lifts
passenger lifts

What is your company’s structure?

We have a couple of departments which deal with their own tasks. The advisory department consists of people who are not to be met in our office very often. Why? Usually they are away to visit our clients’ houses, offices, or flats. Our principle is that advisors should be as close to clients as possible and that is why we created a web through the whole Great Britain area.

Design department are designers who create specific proposals, visualisations, and documentation on the basis of measures and assumptions provided them by advisors. Engineering and servicing department is the heart of our company. Our engineers deal with installations, maintenance and on-going servicing of equipment. The special cell of the department is emergency section as it is available 24/7. It deals with urgent callouts and breakdowns.

Selling and financial departments – apart from a typical paper-based affairs, they help with obtaining grants for warranties. With their help, our customers are notified on time about such things as a service being due.

The last part of our company is research, development and IT department. Their job is to use modern technologies for responding to our customers’ needs. That is where new solutions are created which are then further developed into our products and services. Here is also where most crazy, making-life-easier ideas are fulfilled. An example? A passenger lift which notifies our technical unit once there is a breakdown.

How is your company different from others?

Our products and services are not diversified when compared with other companies. The lifts, lifters and beds market is very comparable nowadays. What makes companies differentiate – and what we want to stand out in – is a customer service, customer experience and using modern technologies.

The times when lifts or lifters were only a set of mechanical-hydraulic devices are far behind us. Our current customers require the lift to be comfy, as safe as possible, stylish, and smart. Our houses are becoming more and more interactive, internet-based, and smart. There are lawnmowers which take care for our lawns with no supervision. We crave to keep up with those changes and recommend to our customers the solutions which, I hope, meet their needs. However, the customers should be asked this question instead (smile).

passenger lifts

Anyway, listening to our customers is one of those things which makes us special. We observe quite often that companies similar to us launch the products designed by the engineer. Unfortunately, those products are often difficult to use as they are too complicated. In our company we use customer experience methodology, user-centered design and service design which means that our customers’ opinions and suggestions are most important elements to us. Adding new products to our offer or modifying them is always consulted with our clients.

On our team we have specialists in ux (?) research, whose main task is sorting out what are our customers’ needs, preferences, and expectations. We are aware of the fact that products and services are for You and that is why it would be unwise to create, install and modify something without the close contact with You. At the same time we consult our ideas with doctors, physiotherapists, scientists and care homes managers – people who have a wide knowledge about using our products.

What can you say about your products prices?

There are few factors which determine the product price. Please notice that most of our products cannot be bought in the shop. Usually there are one or two visits from the advisor needed in order to match the solution we recommend to the customer capabilities (technical, financial, health). In other words, the advice is also one of elements of the price. The second aspect is quality and safety. When it’s about safety, we do not compromise.

That means that lifters elements, replacement parts cannot be produced by random factories in China. Good quality materials is our priority. Every product is in some way hand-made, assembled, customised, and set up to meet the specific customer’s needs. What is more, we regularly monitor our competitors margin and try to make our prices affordable for all customers.

It is also worth to remember our financial department is able to obtain the grant for you or split the payment into smaller parts.

passenger lifts

You said that safety is a priority, could you please tell something more about it?

Of course ( Smile) . All our products are verified by specialist certifies .Every year we take care of our quality, actions and standards to be reflected in memberships like LEIA ,BHTA ALCUMUS, Constructionline and accreditation certificates , ISO 9001 ,ISO 45001 and ISO 14001.All certificates and memberships gain by us confirm that , all our processes are checked and under constant review.At the end it is always about our customer safety which is crucial.

Apart from certificates and being audited by external entities, we often carry out review, maintenance, servicing of equipment installed in our customer’s premises. Some time ago we launched solutions for automated technology and IT which allow us to constantly monitor equipment condition. We have limited paper usage in favour of new technologies. The advantage of this approach is the ability to automate many processes, for example reminding that a line in the lift shaft should be replaced.

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