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Is buying a home lift a good idea?

If you are in doubts if you have enough funds to get a lift fitted in your home, you may be surprised how affordable some options may be. A lift at home is not only for the wealthiest people anymore and benefits may go far beyond the costs. We can assure you that wide range of models and types we recommend, as well as high level of customisation, allow to find the perfect lift for you and your home style.

Limited building work

Installation of some lifts requires very limited building work, with no need for any permissions – but it undoubtedly adds huge value to any house, in financial but also non-financial terms. For example, you will be able to take a trolley upstairs and not wake up your baby as well as move vacuum, small furniture or heavy luggage between floors easily. The lift may become an important convenience for both occupants and guests.

Which lift to choose?

There are so many types of passenger lifts that you will definitely find the one which meets your needs. Please let us to present you few questions which allow you to realise what should be considered when choosing the right lift for your home.

  • Your budget
  • How many people should the lift be able to carry? (weight limit and size)
  • Do you consider indoor or outdoor lift?
  • Do the lift users mind enclosed spaces?
  • How much space can you sacrifice for the lift and the access to it?
  • Structural changes required and constraints of the building
  • Is the seat in the lift needed?
  • Safety features. The most important and popular ones are: emergency lowering or stopping and battery back-up system, an alarm or telephone, an overspeed governor, an automatic door locking mechanism, an on/off key switch, a smoke detector, a lockable door (for example for children), sensors which allow to detect the objects below and block the lift.
passenger lifts

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Lift install process in 8 steps




Write or call to us

Send enquiry 01224 574696


Visit settle on

We get in touch with you. We determine visit date.



During our visit we collect all required data and meansure potencial place of installation.



Our designers are creating concept fit to your requirements and building specification



Together with concept project you will got install and service estimation



You make an order



Our workers are installing lift and performing safety tests.



We are making training with handling and give lift to your hands.


Maintenanse & Service

On set dates we perform survey and maintenance of lift. If you have breakdown, our help center are waiting for your contact.

passenger lifts


After you inform us that you would like a lift fitted, the surveyor will contact you to arrange the appointment at a suitable day and time in order to take a measurement. In addition, you can count on the advice at which specific lift may be best for your home. Please bear in mind that the final decision about the lift type and manufacture may be taken only after the survey visit as it strictly depends on the building.

The leaflets of different lifts which you can consider will be provided so you can make more informed decision and take your time with the choice. If any building work is required upfront the installation, the surveyor will also provide the advice. Thanks to the experienced surveyor’s help, the installation process will be smooth and free from unpleasant surprises. The surveyor visit is free of charge and there is no obligation for the client to go ahead.


After measurement, the surveyor will prepare the quotation and let you know what the total price for the lift and installation is. The price is final and there are no additional costs so you would know exactly what to expect. Once you are happy about the price, you will be asked to give us a short ‘go ahead’ agreement in the way which is most convenient for you (a letter, an email).

passenger lifts
passenger lifts

Order and delivery

Without delay, we order your lift. Depending on the model, manufacturer and the customisation level, it usually takes 8 to 10 weeks for the lift to come as the lift is constructed specifically for your needs. The lift is delivered straight to your home. Before the delivery date, we will contact you in order to arrange the installation.


On the dates when installation is booked, team of engineers work over fitting your lift. The installation, depending on the specific features, usually takes from 2 (for simple through floor lift) up to 5 days (for the bigger passenger lift). Once everything is ready, the lift is tested and the proper way of usage is demonstrated to you in order to make sure the lift meet the safety norms and of course your demands. You are also provided with the instruction manual.

What next?


Maintenance of the equipment

Our engineers are fully qualified to provide the maintenance of the equipment, repairs or removals if necessary. We give 12 months warranty for the lift after installation. During this time, we do the service and any repairs (not classified as a misuse) free of charge. In order to make sure the lift is safe and working properly, we highly recommend getting it serviced every year. Our engineers thoroughly inspect the lift and let you know about any potential problems which may help you to save money if the problem would evolve.

When your warranty period is about to end, you can choose to start a service contract which entitles to free yearly service and 24-hour emergency repairs at a preferential (contract) rates. Our contract holders have the priority for all repairs, with response time for breakdowns up to two hours. The lift engineer is always on call, even during weekends and public holidays therefore you will always receive help. The contract usually lasts for the period of 2 years. The price depends on the specific equipment. Usually 2-year contract is paid in two yearly premiums in advance, but it may be agreed to pay it in other way convenient to you, for example quarterly or monthly.

If you don’t have a contract with us and need the equipment to be fixed or serviced, you can always phone or email us and we will attend as quickly as we can.

passenger lifts

About Atlas Lifts&Services


passenger lifts

If you consider the lift or equipment for disabled person to be installed, why would you not use our professional advice? Atlas Lifts and Services will guide you smoothly through the whole process from choosing the best equipment up to the installation, as well as help to ensure the lift is in best possible condition during all working years.

About Atlas – why choose us?

Atlas Lifts and Services is based in Aberdeen, in North East Scotland. We have been trading since 2002. During these years we became one of Scotland’s leading installers of commercial, industrial and domestic lifts, stairlifts and hoists working across the north east, Orkney and the Shetland Isles, as well as offshore. Our services include:

  • Lifting needs consultancy
  • Preparing the site and installation of equipment
  • Servicing and thorough examination
  • Repairs
  • Removals

An effort we put into continuous improvement is paid back in growing number of satisfied customers and service contracts. For many years we have maintained contracts with local authorities in our region and beyond it. We also enjoy good reputation among private customers which has been monitored through feedback forms. We officially cooperate with biggest European lift manufacturers who recommend us for installations of their products.


Our lift engineers are fully qualified and taught by the most senior members of our team who have been in the industry for over 10 years. All engineers are given professional trainings and refreshers at least on a yearly basis (?), carried out by equipment manufacturers, who are most familiar with their own products and therefore can, in our opinion, provide the most professional advice. We support ambition, development and professional attitude as we believe those qualities allow us to provide best possible services to our customers.

Atlas Lifts goes with the times and uses the most recent technological developments in the field of IT. Maximus, the system which contains data base of our customers and equipment, has been created especially for Atlas’ needs and is constantly improved to serve both our admin team, as well as our clients who may be provided with clear and factual information. On the other hand, as a relatively small company, we do not base everything on a system only and can approach each customer individually.

passenger lifts
passenger lifts

ISO Certificates

Atlas Lifts is also a member of most appreciated professional bodies in the industry, such as Lift and Escalator Industry Association (which require all members to have up to date policies regarding safety, standards and legislative matters), British Healthcare Trades Association (which imposes a high standard of customer service), Select, Constructionline and Alcumus Safe Contractor. We are proud of being successfully audited and met the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 14001:2015 which indicates having integrated management system in place, strong health and safety policy as well as method statements of the work.

Our business area


Based in Aberdeen we offer homeowners, businesses and local authorities across North East Scotland the very best in lift consultation, supply, installation and servicing. With nearly 20 years of experience in the lift supply and installation industry, we offer a comprehensive range of services and solutions for lifting applications in private and industrial services. Atlas has enjoyed strong expansion and continual quality and today we offer one of Scotland’s most expert and comprehensive services, investing in levels of assessment, expertise and 24 hour service response far in advance of our competitors that has won us work as far afield as Russia, Nigeria and Gabon.

Our assessment engineers configure products to each unique requirement with added or reduced supports, stand and lean or sit down alternatives. Commercial clients, local authorities and architects also gain the benefit of this level of expertise with detailed consultation and advice on making buildings not only accessible to all but also highly practical when it comes to lifting large groups of passengers or moving around goods whether you need industrial scissor lifts or a simple dumb waiter.

Our offer is directed to private persons, companies, institutions from the cities:

passenger lifts

Through Floor Lifts

Through floor lift travels through the aperture in the ceiling/floor in order to get to the upper/lower floor. When you are downstairs, the lift can be moved quietly and discreetly back upstairs, leaving the whole space free from obstruction. It has therefore minimal impact on the home living area which makes it ideal for domestic use, even in homes with not huge amount of space. It is also quite easy to reinstall in another property if you move home.

The huge advantage of through floor lift is space saving and in the same time having very modern and highly customisable look. What is more, through floor lifts need less structural alterations than lifts or platforms which makes them more affordable. The cost of the lift depends highly on specific features and customisation. The installation is also quite quickly, taking usually around 2 days, as there is no need for a pit.

Platform Lifts

This kind of lift may be put in the middle between space saving of a through floor lift and the longevity of a traditional lift. Platform lift does include a shaft but it differs from the standard lift as only the platform and not the whole cabin travels up and down. Its main advantage when compared with the passenger lift is that it requires less structural changes and there are usually no contraindications to get it installed in almost every home as only a pit of around 7.5cm is required.

If you are positive you prefer the lift with a shaft, platform lift is recommended for homes with more limited space. It is also good solution for lower number of passengers (the maximum capacity is usually around 400 kg) and shorter distances, therefore may be good choice for private property. It is also cheaper than proper passenger lifts but more expensive than through floor lift.

passenger lifts
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